We provide highly respected companies in transportation, crane rental, freight forwarding and logistics industry.
Shoolin Shipping Services handles cargo all over world including loading, unloading and transportation.
We have our office base in Mumbai and handle huge volume at competitive rates.

We offer complete supply chain services from the point of origin to your distributors in the country of destinations.

Optional Sea, Air and Road shipments can be provided for both LCL/FCL cargos to any destinations.

  • Comprehensive Global Network.
  • Simplified Administration Procedures.
  • Suppliers Control for their products.
  • State of the art handling.

Our Mission

  • Our aim is to satisfy needs involved in the freight business.
  • Our clients got to know that there is consistent, reliable solution to all.
  • Their shipping needs in India which is through Shoolin Shipping Services.
  • With its professional services on this field. We are committed to build lasting business partnerships based on shared Values.
  • Our pledge is to provide all our customers “partnership” in which we always.
  • Endeavor to understand the logistics, mechanisms & requirements of our Business partners so as to offer tailor-made solutions.

Our Vision

  • Our Vision is a world class entrepreneurial and profitable organization.
  • Where we are an integrated part of our customers’ logistic activities.
  • Where the focus is on excellence and results.
  • Where every individual strives for personal as well as professional growth.
  • Where barriers to effective communication do not exist.
  • Where information sharing is not considered a threat.
  • Where leadership is defined as the service of subordinates. Where coming to work everyday is a joy.