Shoolin Shipping Services is established in 2010, which is located in Mumbai , India. The company is formed purely to cater to the ever-increasing demand for Freight forwarding, Shipping agency and Logistics requirement within India.

The company today is fully geared and equipped with our own infrastructure and expertise to transport cargoes, be it by Sea, Air or Land to any part of the world. Shoolin Shipping Services are part of a very elaborate network which includes numerous shipping lines and a myriad of transport agencies. We offer personalized service at reasonable rates and we guarantee a long term collaboration through our value added services.

Promise to all our clients

  • No more wasted time.
  • No more overstated freights.
  • No more problems.

Our Strength

We at Shoolin Shipping Services emphasize on reliability above all rest. We are well aware of our strengths and we don’t hold back on highlighting them, when you do business with us, you are guaranteed.

  • Efficient routing.
  • Service delivery in the designated time frame.
  • Reduced gross freight expenditure.
  • Minute specific shipment status information.
  • Accurate and complete documentation.
  • Overall reduction in administration costs.
  • Seamless information flow.